My dad used to call me a “nimrod” any time time I said or did something stupid. It was intended to be synonymous with words like stupid, idiot, moron and especially “dumb bunny”. Of course we didn’t have safe spaces back then and being called a idiot by your dad simply meant something needed to be corrected. It certainly wasn’t grounds for being jailed for hate speech.

It wasn’t until later that I learned that Nimrod the builder of the Tower of Babel was the biblical model for self will run riot. Sort of like what we see in people who refuse to be moved by scientific data regarding the possible or even likely risks associated with COVID and the potential consequences of refusing to be prudent.

That said, here is some info for all the doubters and conspiracy theorists out there who continue to deny the medical realities of the COVID, make it about politics and or turn human lives into numerical abstractions to justify their fury over being interrupted and inconvenienced.

  Here is the rebuttal to some popular arguments and false equivalencies concerning COVID-19.

  1. COVID is not the Flu. Flu has been with us along time.  There is a vaccination and natural immunity.  We have neither for COVID.  COVID has already killed more people than SARS and MERS combined.
  2. Comparisons between yearly mortality totals for flu and current numbers for COVID are invalid.  COVID is only several months old.  All we have are two-month totals and mathematical projections for COVID. Hopefully we will not see the worst-case scenarios. Here is the reasoning behind social isolation, cancellations and quarantines.
  3. Arguments that claim COVID is weaker than flu are wrong. Among other things Flu’s mortality rate is 0.1%.  COVID is 3.4%. That’s 34 times higher than Flu. 50-80% of the population will probably be exposed. Do the math. The rate of infection is progressing geometrically in places where testing is actually taking place. Please follow the linked sources here for more info from qualified virologists and epidemiologists. You might not agree with the spiritual conclusions.  The science is rock solid. So are the thoughts about how we think.
  4. As for how COVID actually kills.  Please see this video.
  5. In regard to the petty selfish- self-centered attitudes of those whining about the collective response and resulting inconvenience to their personal recreation and comfort.  Here is a perspective from a Medical Doctor in the trenches.
  6. As for my bold and faithful Christian brothers and sisters quoting Psalm 91 as justification for proceeding with their lives as usual. Please note that verse one begins with “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Strongs concordance defines the word Secret (in the literal sense) as a “covering, covert, disguise, hiding place, privily, protection, secret place”. Jesus talked about the importance of the secret place. Mat 6:6. Now might be a good time to go there.

Maybe you are healthy and won’t be affected if you are exposed. If that is the case then great!  The response to COVID is not about you, your finances or your comfort.  It’s about saving the lives of those most at risk. Public health decisions are based on risk versus reward. Right now the risks outweigh the rewards of allowing you to continue on with life as usual.

How many people would you be willing to kill for the sake of your own convenience, wealth and comfort?

Once again, you might have the right to place yourself at risk. You do not have the right to place others at risk.

Don’t be a Nimrod!

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