Pun Intended – A Report from the wall

If you’ve never read one of my watchman-on-the-wall-type posts, I occasionally review poignant events, present data and form hypotheses using the tools I previously outlined here

Please also be advised that I am not all political accept to say I’d like to see Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard draw straws to see who gets to be president. It would be an honest election.

Sarcasm is a coping tool.

There are a lot of puns and sarcasm herein

This ain’t one of them.

Say what you will about vaccinations. This graph and these bar charts should be enough to cause even the most staunch Fauxi occultist to question the altruistic motivations of Big government, Big philanthropy and Big Pharamkeia

This brief video shows a global pattern.

Those willing to invest a bit more time will want to watch this documentary compilation of competent medical professional testimonies and concerns. 

No – seriously, you should watch it.

One fallacy that I forgot to mention in my previous blog AM I a Moron? is the Sunk Cost Fallacy. It is most easily illustrated in Stock and Currency trading where a person buys or sells a financial instrument under the assumption that the market will move in the expected direction. Instead of cutting their losses when their assumptions are proven wrong, they remain in the trade-in hopes that the market will magically reverse in their favor. They do so even though all evidence says otherwise. Fear short-circuits the prefrontal cortex as the situation worsens and the amygdala a.k.a. “fight, flight, or freeze” system kicks in.  Ironically, the deeper they get into the “red” the more committed they become to their original assumption. This particular fallacy is the reason why 90% of new traders fail in the first year of trading. What does this have to do with vaccinations?  People apply the same fallacy to dogmatic beliefs about anything. No amount of evidence apart from a devastating loss will change their minds. The logical counter to this error when trading is to set a predetermined stop loss, a specific amount of money you are willing to lose if the trade goes bad. No more, no less. Then stick to it. In the case of vaccinations, the logical counter would be to establish a clinical standard for trials to include a threshold for vaccination related injuries and deaths.  A lot of people are stuck in the Sunk Cost Fallacy now because they placed their faith in Fauxi who just keeps moving the proverbial stop loss. Many have convinced themselves and everyone they love to take a vaccination. Their primary hope now is that those bucking the government / big pharmakeia narratives are wrong. Calling them crazy is comforting.

Moving On

In the unlikely event that any of my enlightened progressive comrades are questioning the the seriousness of the most deadly virus in history, comrade Bill has some interesting data. 

Furthermore, the very idea that potential conflicts of interest between big government and big Pharamkeia could exist is ridiculous- blasphemous even…

This is further evidenced by the historically proven record of integrity in big government / big Pharamkeia partnerships. Of course, anti vaxers love to assert conspiracy theories like they injected black men with syphilis for forty years just see to what would happen.  Ha! Anyone with a brain knows that couldn’t have happened because the Nuremberg Code went into effect in 1947.

We enjoy the exact same expectations of protection against medical tyranny today.

While we know the 1st SARs vaccination trials were halted after 53 deaths,

a cursory search of the website above will provide global data regarding vaccination safety effectiveness and the fact that barring an endgame of global eugenics, the sunk cost fallacy may be in full effect. Be sure to check the permissions box when prompted and type the search query exactly as shown.

Our Christian Duty

As the New York governor has assured us COVID vaccinations are from God. Christian love is defined by one’s vaccination status. All anti-vaxers will go to hell. In addition, enlightened Christ-followers know vaccinations are the only way humankind will be saved from toxic CO2 gas. Qanon Christians know vaccines are from God just like Guns as evidenced by the prophetic originator of Operation Warp Speed, King Cyrus, a.k.a Donald Trump. Oh the irony. That said, this Truth for the Deluded Project website should clarify the situation for even the most deluded and confused. Ask them to watch just one or two short videos. If that doesn’t cause them to reevaluate their vaccination plans then wipe the dust off your feet and move on.

You are dealing with the Moronic.

It’s a blog post not an insult.

But enough about vaccinations. The negative health factors may in fact be ancillary. Let’s talk about the current administration’s build-back better plan which is really Clause Schwab’s plan, to fix the economy that Donald Trump destroyed. 

Introducing the 1 Trillion Dollar coin printed and monetized by our Treasury Department per Joe Brandon’s request. I know. I know. Bullwinkle-brained, insurrectionists are babbling incoherent platitudes about the constitution, inflation, and debt. Their tinfoil hat comparisons between the trillion-dollar coin and the Weimar Republic in 1923 are absurd.

Besides Bullwinkle, Weimar’s currency was paper. Ours is platinum. Turns out the Treasury Department can print as much money as it wants in any denomination it chooses provided they do so with coins made out of platinum. Gee I hope there is enough platinum left over to make catalytic converters.

Qanon’s be quelled! Soon debts and money won’t matter at all because Joe Biden’s proposed comptroller appointee has the solution. Of course, her confirmation is pending a senate investigation of her thesis “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital,” written when she attended Moscow State University on the V.I. Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship in 1989.

Whether or not Omarova is confirmed really isn’t the point. Her plan, which really isn’t her plan at all, but the WEF’S, would begin with the centralization of all banking in the Federal Reserve, a foreign-controlled bank. Every financial transaction not just those over $600 would be monitored in real-time. This would be followed by the creation of a digital dollar a.k.a. a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. Just think Bitcoin if you’re confused. Some of the selling points include the elimination of money laundering, fraud, and dirty COVID spreading, tree-killing, CO2-producing cash. We’d also be spared the task of filing our own taxes as the Fed will calculate them and debt our accounts accordingly.  In addition, the national debt could be more efficiently managed with negative interest rates. Of course, fearmongers claim that negative interest rates mean it will cost money to have money in the bank. “Its a tax!” they say. “It’s gonna be just like  the Great Depression!”  Ridiculous! The problem back then was caused by a run on the banks when banks collapsed.  People hoarded cash and stuffed it in their mattresses. 

That won’t happen this time because there won’t be any cash.

Ok, so what does this have to do with vaccinations? Well, if globalists get their way, the blockchain digital infrastructure for money and banking will be preceded by a digital vaccine passport. The thinking is that paper is problematic because it is easily lost or counterfeited. The obvious solution is a digital passport most likely on smartphones or “wearables”… at first.

Mind you, blockchain isn’t mentioned until the very end. Obviously, smartphones can be lost, stolen or compromised as evidence by among other things the recent uptick in phone app hacking across the globe. Luckily, Quantum Dot Tattoos have been in the works for several years and may provide a viable solution. These would theoretically allow one’s complete vaccine history to be encrypted and stored using nanotechnology.  No, it’s not a “chip” per se, even though it functions like a chip. Its just a subcutaneously injected dye. You know, like a tattoo, only invisible to the naked eye.

Call me crazy but it’s starting to look like maybe everyone needs the vaccination because everyone needs the vaccination passport.

Once everyone in the world is vaccinated and accepts the vaccine passport in the form of – or something like – the Quantum Dot Tattoo, it’s not a huge leap into storing financial data as well. It’s just smart. Coincidentally this fits perfectly with the next proposed step in the plan.

Enter the “Body Activity”-based cryptocurrency.

One reason why cash and debt may no longer be relevant is that human bodies will essentially become crypto miners. Don’t freak out. It’s not slavery or the Mark of the beast. It’s opportunity. For those who don’t know much about cryptocurrencies, crypto miners are computers that “mine” cryptocurrency by processing complex mathematical algorithms at high speed. Yeah, it’s sort of like alchemy which is sorcery. Still, those who understand fiat currencies and fractional reserve banking know this is how the global economy works anyway.  The good news is you will be credited for doing good things like maybe going to the gym, or turning in a terrorist, and debited for bad things like, well…never mind. Just do good things. Not only that but we’ll be safer. Criminals and domestic terrorists can have their entire history and centralized bank account erased with just a few keystrokes.

How Cool is That?


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  1. WOW that is the most well printed (meaning I agree 100%) I’m choosing no on the booster and I’ll just quit there thanks so much for the well written article you all are prayed for every time I see something written by you whether I respond or not I hope you know that🥰you are loved much ❤❤


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